RRockhouse Motion is an elite task force, armed with a plethora of overpriced camera gear, a senary of overactive imaginations, and a well-worn thesaurus. Battle hardened from the flash and burn of tungstens and LEDs, this team of advertising assassins stand at the ready to respond to any and all threats to market share, brand image, or boredom. They react quickly and with ruthless efficiency to any and all calls to action, and leave behind them a wake of overloaded hard drives and empty beef jerky packages.


Our Latest Work

There is something uniquely satisfying about the work we do. Hundreds of hours, thousands of ideas, millions of frames, each project takes on an energy of its own, an energy that can be unleashed with the simple press of the play button. Whether working to tell our own stories, or helping our clients win by telling theirs, one thing will always be true:
We love our work, and we hope you’ll love it too.

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These are not brands we are currently partnered with, they are not brands we are currently working for, but this is the big happy family of companies that we have had the honor of working with in some way, shape, or form.
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At Rockhouse, we build brands. Every company is different, and every project is different, but we believe they all have one thing in common: we can help better your brand.

Whether that is as a director of photography on a busy film set, alone on a mountain top shooting a sunrise, or in your board room helping your team come up with the next winning concept, the Rockhouse team strives to find a way to move the needle in beautiful, creative, and successful ways. While this may all be well and good, you are probably hoping for some more details as far as what it is we can do. In no particular order, here is a list of some of the more noteworthy of those things:


  • We are directors & directors of photography
  • We make films
  • We make photography
  • We do it with the best equipment available
  • We can even make films in 4K
  • We shoot, edit, and design print advertising
  • We are SCUBA Certified for underwater Photography & Cinematography
  • We are Phantom Tech Certified
  • We are Motion Graphics, Compositing, and 3D Animation wizards
  • We are editors
  • We are colorists
  • We have fun
  • We win stuff, and sometimes get interviewed about it

Essentially, we do it all. We can take a business problem, and create a multimedia solution. Start to finish, top to bottom. From idea, to story, to camera, to edit, to graphics, to music, to colour, and finally to your client’s screens. We are the only call you have to make

  • My whole experience working with the Rockhouse Team was a delight. They worked countless hours to meet deadlines, put careful thought and consideration into every piece of work they touched, and overall are just amazing individuals to work with.

    Mandy Cudahy, SHARP Electronics
  • The most efficient and professional production crew I’ve ever worked with. The Rockhouse Motion crew’s proficiency with their equipment is only outmatched by their phenomenal story telling capabilities…

    Jimmy Bowman, Smith Optics
  • It’s nice to see some f***ing men behind the camera for a change. You guys are awesome

    Urijah Faber: UFC Champion
  • Your personalities are a little whack, but your creativity is off the charts

    John MacGillivray: Lifelong Adventure Videographer
  • It’s good

    Tracy White: Matt’s wife, after watching every video
  • I’ve rarely seen the level of passion for art and craft from an entire team in this business. Talent is worth a little, and they’ve got it – but passion and hard work are worth 10 times as much – look at the results. And then hire them. Before someone else does.

    Anson Fogel, Director, Camp4 Collective



More about Matt

As a former fireman and paramedic, Matt is no stranger to moments when life hangs in the balance. As the founder of Rockhouse Motion, Matt strives to create those intense and unforgettable emotions for anyone who comes across our work, without anyone getting hurt. The Rockhouse studio sits on Matt’s family farm in Central Kansas that was first settled over a century ago by his ancestors, which he shares with his wife Tracy, and his three children: Kimber, Jake, and Allie.



More about Dustin

With a keen eye for the under appreciated beauty of the world, Dustin found a natural fit studying contemporary media at the University of South Dakota. At home behind the lens, his passion for imagery is unwavering as he yearns to articulate the under appreciated details of the world through his work. Dustin joined the team from his home in Wayne, Nebraska, and is a loving father to his son, Kade. Dustin also has very large biceps.


Partner/Director/Business Development

More about Aaron

Aaron is our token foreign guy, hailing from the distant and mysterious land that most people call Canada. Whether it was the long, cold, isolated winters in the North, or just a byproduct of his Business School Education, Aaron has a rather overactive imagination. While in most avenues of life that would serve as a distraction, Aaron’s bountiful creativity meshes with his corporate vision to create the fire in which brands are forged at Rockhouse.


Colin MacMillan

More about Colin

No story that’s worth spreading is complete without a little sprinkle of magic and that’s what Colin brings to the team. His photographic career started at age 16 in his basement with a pirated copy of Photoshop 3.0, a film scanner, and a dream of one day being a real photographer. Now, almost 20 years in, Colin enjoys responsibilities like pre-sunrise alarm clocks, raising Liam & Piper (along with his wife, Grace),making stories dance off of a screen, and paying the monthly subscription for Adobe software.


William Poulin

More about William

Despite missing out on his Hogwarts invitation as a child in Canada’s French epicenter, Quebec City, William Poulin is as close as it comes to being a wizard. Growing up with a boundless imagination, he channeled his magical skills into the world of design, 3D, and motion graphics, where he excelled to the point that he was actually hired as a teacher as soon as he graduated from his schooling. Already a master of his craft, William decided that wasn’t enough, and moved to Nova Scotia to take on two new challenges: the English language, and the Atlantic Ocean. As an overly avid surfer, he can found during Canada’s wintry blizzards taking shelter in icy barrels when he isn’t surfing his keyboard into the stratosphere. Rockhouse’s frenchman charges hard, brings better than the best, and reminds us daily that truly anything is possible.




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