If we launch it, they will come.




Helios 3 Launch

With the launch of the H3, Orvis wanted to use the story of their latest rod as an invigorating force for the entirety of their brand.

Asked to think outside the box, we shot in Vermont, Alberta, Florida, and pulled from a lifetime of stock footage to assemble this film which we feel is every bit a product video as it is a brand anthem.

A400 Extreme Plus

We had the honour of participating in a tradition that has existed for half a millennia, the launch of a Beretta. The A400 Xtreme Plus is an incredible example of a company listening to its customers and bringing new features to an already best-in-class product.

At Rockhouse, we love the work we have done with this brand because we believe it is premium, unique, and authentic, all while maintaining the badass energy that stirs the spirit of waterfowlers.

Triax Launch

A full length introduction to the quietest, most efficient bow ever made.

Mathews Bow Builder