Long stories, short.




To the stars

For centuries, humans have relied on the stars for navigation. Although our maps and GPSs are now conveniently located in our pockets, the stars can still guide us, inspire curiosity and motivate new adventures. See how young explorers Millie and Oliver escaped the city lights to soak up the stars and create unforgettable family time with their parents on a weekend getaway through the Alps.

Road to Water with Robert Field

In 2015, Robert Field ditched the 9 to 5 grind to pursue his passion for kayaking, fishing and videography. Now you can find Robert where the water meets the road, producing films for Yakfish TV and living as a fulltime RVer in a Keystone Cougar. His home on wheels affords him the ability to travel to new places, meet new people and, most importantly, catch new fish.

The Motivator


Orca Songs


Date Night

Justin Hartley

Back in the Box

Weatherby Inc. follows Team Weatherby member and 4 Time World Champion Steer Wrestler, Luke Branquinho of Los Alamos, CA on the road as he gets ready to take on THE AMERICAN for a chance at $2,000,000. Experience this once in a lifetime event alongside Luke as we take you inside the Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium for the World’s Richest One Day Rodeo.

Dr. Boom

Each year, in the heart of Central Kansas, local contractor Ryan Erickson and friends put on a spectacular fireworks show to celebrate Independence Day.

On this day each year, the laid-back, hard working Erickson transforms into a mad scientist of sorts, conducting an orchestra of fireworks with child-like passion and enthusiasm. This short film documents Erickson's annual transformation to Dr. Boom, and examines the underlying meaning that this day of summertime celebration has to the community of individuals fortunate enough to be on hand for the spectacle.

Road to Trail

Rockhouse, North, and Columbia took some new product to the streets of Tokyo with a pair of ultra-runners, who ran from the heart of the city to the summit of a nearby mountain where they had a gorgeous view of Mount Fuji.

Smoke & Feathers

In an increasingly complex world where people struggle to identify with their passions, Jim Guffey of Perry, Kansas is the exception. As a conservationist, an ecologist, a traditionalist, a father, and of course a duck hunter, Jim has refined his love for the outdoors into a simple two part formula: Smoke & Feathers.

A story about nature, nurture, and the value of the moment, Jim's love for ducks and life inspired us at Rockhouse to tell his story in this film. A winner of the Excellence in Outdoor Cinematography Award at the South Dakota Film Festival, this piece hopefully transcends the outdoor space and serves as a reminder to us all the power we have to leave a positive legacy for ourselves, our family, and the world around us.